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Language Department

Language Department

The Language Department Mission is to improve students’ language skills in order to acquire a more comprehensive knowledge of Spanish, English, Literature and Grammar, as well as developing students’ writing, reading, understanding, listening and speaking skills. It also seeks to change students’ level of speaking the languages with correct precision as they discuss everyday experiences. It will also provide opportunities for students to explore their culture through the use of research methods to gain more insight into their unique cultures.

The Language Department offers subjects in Grammar, Spanish, English Language and Literature.

The Head Of Department is Mrs. Giselle Lobos and the faculty of the language department are the following teachers: Mr. Jemayiel Bastarrachea, Mrs. Joy Elliot, Magdalena Sosa, Mr. Emir Ellis, Ms. Areli Reyes, Ms. Jamille Reid, Ms. Gabriella Guerrero.

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