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Admission Requirements

Admission Policy:

New Students

  • Students wishing to enter First Form should have completed Standard 6 and taken the Primary School Examination (PSE)
  • Students are required to have at least a 50% in the PSE examination.
  • To fulfill our mission of providing a secondary education for all island youth, San Pedro High will accept application from students scoring below 50% in their PSE. These students will be further evaluated using their grades in the last three years at the Primary School level and also their performance during the summer orientation classes held between June and July for all students entering San Pedro High. Students with low PSE scores and low grades in summer class will be admitted to San Pedro High but will have to follow a five year program. The first year will be a Preparatory in order for the student to develop the necessary skills in Language and Mathematics. Funding for the Preparatory program will come from parents and from the Ministry of Education.
  • In special circumstances and under careful consultation with Primary school Principals and Parents, students may also be admitted in our ‘Special Program’. To qualify, the parent must present the appropriate tests showing that the child has a learning deficiency. Students admitted in this program will be promoted despite failing to meet the promotion requirements. At the end of the four years the student receives a Certificate of Attendance. Students under the Special Program are required to show adequate behavior at all times.

  • Application Forms must be completed and submitted to the school’s office along with the following:
  1. A copy of one of the following: Birth certificate, Social Security card or Passport.
  2. A copy of their Standard VI report card

The application forms and other documents must be addressed to Principal, San Pedro High School along with a $10 non-refundable application fee before the deadline set by the Principal.

Transfer Students

  • Transfer students are admitted to San Pedro High provided that there is space available. Students must complete and submit the following:

  1. Properly filled transfer form and pay a $10. 00 transfer fee.
  2. Submit two (2) recommendations: One from the Principal of the previous school and one from the homeroom teacher.
  3. Submit an official transcript from the previous school.
  4. Submit a copy of one of the following: Birth Certificate, Social Security Card or Passport.
  5. Attend an interview along with parent/guardian.
  6. Foreign students will have to produce validated copies of their transcripts.

  • Non-Belizeans applying for admission will be accepted provided there is space. They also pay different rates than Belizean students. All relevant documents must be submitted.

San Pedro High will not admit transfer students that have been expelled for drug and alcohol abuse on or off campus, fighting, stealing and for defying school authority in their former schools. Transfer students going to fourth form are discouraged.

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