Principal's Message


Dear students and parents of students of San Pedro High,

To the new students entering this institution, I want to extend a most sincere welcome.  I also want to welcome the students that are returning or transferring from other schools.

I invite you to read and examine the student's handboook carefully.  Some rules and policies have been modified in the hope that we can continue to offer a better service to you. For the students, I must emphasize that if you abide by the policies in the handbook, you should spend a wonderful and enjoyable year at San Pedro High.  I challenge you to read the booklet from start to end because many of the decisions that will affect you this year will be directly influenced by what is contained within the handbook.

I also invite parents to read the manual as it will help them to protect their teenagers from unnecessary demerits.  Claiming to not know the rules will no longer be a valid excuse as you will have your manual to get familiarized with what guides the behavior of students at San Pedro High.

I look forward to an enjoyable and successful year as we work hard to establish San Pedro High as a top secondary institution.


Yours in education

Emil Vasquez,




Emil Vasquez, Principal