San Pedro High School was founded in 1971 by community leaders who felt the need because only an average of two persons was attending high school in Belize City. The aim was to provide an educational opportunity to a wider sector of our population. The school was run by a Board of Directors, with Mrs. Celi McCorkle being our first chairperson. The school was temporarily located at the community center and moved into its own building in 1987. Expansion of its building has been constant as is expansion of its population and curriculum. The founding members of San Pedro High School are: Mr. Al Felly (dec.) Mr. Allan Forman Sr. (dec.), Mrs. Martha Guerrero, Mrs. Celi McCorkle, Mr. Angel Nunez.

School Colors
Green and White

Green: symbolizing the growth, stability and harmony portrayed by the marine ecosystem.
White: symbolizing the innocence of a child and the willingness to gain knowledge.

School Motto

************************** “Anchor In Success” ***************************

School Logo

The logo is comprised of a ship’s anchor and its rope. The rope represents the strength and perseverance one must have in order to meet the challenges in life successfully. The anchor represents holding fast to education which will lead to success. The year of establishment is inscribed on the shank of the anchor.