The composition of the Board of Directors is in accordance with the Handbook of Policies and Procedures for School Services. It is constituted as follows:

  1. The Principal of the High School & Dean of the Junior College who are ex-officio members;
  2. A representative of the staff selected by the staff;
  3. Two representatives of parents elected at a PTA meeting;
  4. Two representatives from feeder primary schools;
  5. A representative of the alumni selected by the Principal and staff;
  6. One member representing business and two members representing the community all selected by the Principal in consultation with the staff;
  7. A representative selected by the governing authority of the municipality;
  8. A representative of the ministry of education

SPHS Board Members
Principal – Mr. Emil Vasquez (ex-officio)
Dean of Junior College – Mr. Gustavo Ellis (ex-officio)
Staff Representative – Mr. Francisco Quiroz
Parent Representative – Ms. Lizette Gutierrez
Parent Representative – Mr. Miguel Alamilla (Vice-Chairman)
Feeder School Representative (Adventist) – Mrs. Elizabeth Sansores
Feeder School Representative (Catholic) – Mrs. Roxani Kay
Alumni Representative – Mr. Dorian Nunez
Business Representavtive – Mr. Andre Perez (Chairman)
Community Representative – Mr. Jose Paz
Community Representative – Mrs. Celi McCorkle
Municipality Authority Representative – Mr. Severo Guerrero Jr.
Min. of Education Representative – Ms. Odelia Caliz